Early rising sun unfolds the splendors of Kashi, which is now known as Varanasi as well. Earlier Kashi was known as BANARAS also. Kashi means source of Illuminations-as such this is a centre of light, providing knowledge, understanding and devotion.

Sacred River Ganga takes a northern course while entering the city, like a luminous garland decorating the beautiful neck of the city. This city has propagated the famous PURUSHARTHA (the compulsory duties) to every mankind i.e., DHARMA (the religious concept), ARTHA (the fruits derived), KAMA(lush & desire) and MOKSHA (liberation).

It is widely known that there are nine festivals in the 7 days of the week in this city, all the year around.

The atmosphere of the city itself imparts subtle and mystic vibrations to every visitor to the Ghats at the bank of the river, in early morning hours, which one has to come and experience. This center of pilgrimage is the place, where all the sacred and mystic ideologies, Indian regional cultures, languages, myths and customs converge in a confluence to make Varanasi a representative place of greater Indian Ethos. This city of Lord Shiva and Shri Krishna has a congregation of all the Divinities. As such this is a place of occult and spiritual experiences as well.

The history of this city is embellished with galaxy of celebrities representing various disciplines, who are legendary stars on the panorama of Indian History as well. Veda-Vedanga, Tantra-Agam, Purana, Yoga, Darshan (Philosophy), Dance & Music, Jyotish (astrology & astronomy) and Ayurveda (Indian system of Medical Sciences) all these still continue to flourish here.

This famous seat of learning still has scholars and saints who adorn the academic and esoteric fields. Here as such families, which have kept the tradition well maintained, in various fields, to impart knowledge to every sincere seeker, according to Guru-Shishya (teacher and disciple) tradition.

One such family is of reputed Ayurvedic physicians who have been, one after the other, scholars and authorities in various disciplines, widely respected legendary figures, charismatic noble socialites, staying at the same locality in the city for generation after generation. In this tradition the historical celebrities and legendary figures are:

1. VAIDYA-RAJA Pandit Kanhaiya Lal ji
2. VAIDYA-RAJA Pandit Giridhari Lal ji
3. VAIDYA-RAJA Pandit Baboonandan ji
4. VAIDYA-RAJA Pandit Trayrambak Shastri Ji
5. VAIDYA-RAJA Pandit Raghunandan ji
6. VAIDYA-RAJA Pandit Ram Shankar ji

All of these have been Honorary personal physicians (RAJ-VAIDYA ) to MAHARAJA of BANARAS (The princely state of Banaras). In the time of the last Maharaja of Banaras, Late Dr. Vibhuti Narayan Singh Judeva, Shiva Kumar Shastri, son of late Pandit Ram Shankar Vaidya became the personal physician, keeping the tradition intact.
For more than 250 years The Charitable Ayurvedic clinic is still looking after the needy people and is being attended by the three sons of Shiv Kumar Shastri:

1. Dr. Ram Kumar Shastri
2. Dr. Nand Kumar Shastri
3. Dr. Sameer Kumar Shastri 
As physicians of reputess.


Shiva Kumar Shastri is consultant physician now. The name of this clinic is

Shri Dhanvantari Dharmamrita Aushadhalaya.
In short: SDD Ayurvedic Clinic. 
Address: Dhanvantari Nivas,
Pt. Raghunandan ji Vaidya Lane, Sundia, 
Varanasi 221001, India.
Phone : +91 - 542 - 333323,
Fax : +91 - 0542 - 333999, 
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