Shiva Kumar Shastri - A Profile

One of the renowned most physicians of Ayurvedic system Dr. Shiva Kumar Shastri has a Ram Shankar ji Vaidyamultisplendoured personality. He is widely adorned and respected by the rich and poor, literate and illiterate alike. He is equally popular in almost every field with his charming personality.

Having received extensive training in the family tradition from his father Pandit Ram Shankar Vaidya ji, who was a legend in his own life time and now he is a physician providing miraculous Ayurvedic treatment. He has also learnt many subjects from his mother as well.

His ancestors are reputed personalities in Indian History. The family tradition itself is widely respected and renowned for his generosity and kind care provided to the needy. From his school days Shiva Kumar Shastri was also involved in the Indian freedom struggle.

An alumnus of the Banaras Hindu University in Ayurveda and Modern medical sciences, Shiva Kumar Shastri received advanced training through Guru-Shishya-Parampara (Master and Disciple system) expertise in various disciplines: Karmakaand, Jyotisha, Yoga, Purana, Indian chemistry, etc.

He learned vocal and instrumental music from his father and the Legendary Music Maestro of Banaras School "Sangeet Nayak" Pandit Chhote Ram Das ji after getting lessons from his father. A physician, musician, herbalist, gardener, astrologer, he is an expert in many more fields.

A theater personality as director, actor, writer and producer he has been active in this field since 1946 mainly working for Hindi Theater. As a musician he is a vocalist and sitar player. He is profficient in playing many instruments. He is a music composer and director as well with more than six stereo recordings to his credit. His audio music albums are popular most. He has arranged numerous music concerts and festivals in last five decades.

As a member of the Central Advisory Board of Education, Government of India, he has contributed to his best in giving shape to the national policy of education, 1986.

His students in various disciplines are spread far and wide in many countries. He has travelled extensively within and out side India for Ayurveda, Indology, Indian culture and Music, Sanatan-Dharma etc. As an honorary physician he has worked for more than 25 years in a charitable leprosy hospital.

According to his family tradition all the Ayurvedic formulations are prepared in his own laboratory to provide the best results. His family is famous for the treatment of difficult most disorders.

He is an active worker in various social, cultural, literary and educational fields. He has been an excellent sportsman also. A large number of Research Scholars of different subjects and countries keep coming to Shiva Kumar Shastri for necessary information's.

For any kind of learning through Guru-Shishya-Parampara (Teachers & Disciple system) obeisince is necessary. Self supporting for lodging, boarding etc. and dedicated students may be accepted for learning Ayurveda, Music etc. as it should be learnt. This kind of learning is full time job for students who are determined and dedicated to learn. Vegetarian diet, no alcohol or other adictions are necessary for such students.

*Vaidyaraj means an excellent medical expert of Ayurveda.