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This establishment is dedicated to above mentioned activities to provide excellent entertainment for quality and joy. Indian classical music is available on audio CDs & cassettes with Digital stereo recording. These are available from us only.

Banaras School of Music has its own charisma. These recordings provide the best of Banaras School of Music.
The signature tune of Shiva Bhairavi Enterprises is

"Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambho"


Sanskrit devotional composition in Indian classical music for Devotion and Bliss in different RAGA & TALA.

Number of compositions: 11

Vocal: Dr. Vanamala Parvatkara with instrumental accompaniment. 
Music: Shiv Kumar Shastri.


Side A

Side B

Introduction – Shiv Kumar Shastri
Shivatandava Stotram – Ravana kar
First 7 stanzas of Sri Ram Charita Manas –Saint Tulsi Das
Annapurna Stotram – Bhagvatpada Adyashankar

Hara – Hara Mahadeva Shambo – Chanting

Atmashatakam – Bhagvatpada Adyashankar
Shivanamavalyashtakam – Bhagvatpada Adyashankar
Thanks & Acknowledgement
Vishvanathashtakam – Maharshi Vedvyasa
Kalabhairavashtakam – Bhagvatpada Adyashankar


The tradition of Sri Vallabhakula is more than 500 year old. The system is known as Pushtimarg

(a specialized method devoted to Shri Krishna).

These 15 Sanskrit lyrics are composed in different RAGA and TALA with instrumental accompaniment.

Vocal: Dr. Vanamala Parvatkara with instrumental accompaniment. 
Music: Shiva Kumar Shastri.


Side A

Side B

Hara – Hara Mahadeva Shambho – Chanting

Sri Girirajadharyashtakam – Mahaprabhu Srimad / Vallabhacharya Maharaj

Introduction – Shiv Kumar Shastri
Sri Gopalastavah – Gosvami Sri Raghunatha
Mangalacharanam – Venu-Geet
Janma Vigyapti – Sri Haridasa Maharaja
Mangalacharanam – Sri Vallabhkula Shlokas
Sri Vallabha Sharanashtakam – Gosvami Sri Hari Raya
Sri Yamuna Ashtapadi – Maharaja Sri Vitthalesha
Sri Yamuna-Vaifalya Nirupanashtakam – Sri Haridasa Maharaja 
Sri Triveni Stotram – Adya Shankar
Thanks & Acknowledgement
Sri Bala Mukunda Stotram – Collected
Sri Nandakumarashtakam – Mahaprabhu Srimad Vallabhachrya Maharaj



University Anthem – BHU (Pre 1951 tune). 
2 prayer lyrics are written by Malaviya ji itself. 
Speeches of Malaviya ji (Hindi & English). 
Signature tune of Shiva Bhairavi Enterprises.


Indian colour festival known as HOLI has its own specialized music. The beauty of spring is expressed in the specialized tune known as CHAITI.

Holi – 4 Compositions. Chaiti – 3 Compositions.
All these belonging to the school of music maestro Chhote Ram Das.

Vocal - Dr. Vanamala Parvatkara
Sarangi - Bhagawan Das, 
Tabla - Ustad Munne Khan
Music: Shiv Kumar Shastri

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CAUTION : All the cassettes and CDs are vigilantly prepared pack. If they get partially or fully damaged or develop any kind of flaw, we are not liable or responsible in any manner, what so ever, for any compensation.

Profile of Dr. Vanamala Parvatkara

Dr. Vanamala Parvatkara belongs to a family of musician from Goa. Her grand father is a legendary figure, knowDr Vanmala Parvatkarn as a saint musician and a renowned artist "Layabhaskara Khaproomam" Lakshman Rao Parvatkara. Dr. Vanamala Parvatkara's father, son of Layabhaskara Khaproomam, Ramkrishna LakshmanParvatkara was equally renowned as a vocalist, Tabla maestro, performing rare and intricate most rhythmic patterns, Marathi stage actor and a painter. 
After getting her Doctorate in vocal music from the Banaras Hindu University Dr. Vanamala Parvatkara has received specialized training in vocal music of Varanasi School in the tradition of music maestro Chhote Ramdas, from Shiv Kumar Shastri. Currently she is teaching vocal music at the Banaras Hindu University. She has performed widely in India and abroad.


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