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Herbal products from Sri Dhara Ayurvedic Products  Varanasi

(Manufacturers and Distributors)

These Ayurvedic products are prepared with herbal combinations according to aged old traditional
formulae under prescribed hygienic conditions. These provide remarkable results if used in 
prescribed manner. Ayurvedic products provide relief from ailments and maintain health and vigor. 
These are being used for centuries.

1. VIDHAGANDHA Pills/Capsules: Herbal preparation

General tonic for men & women. It restores and maintains digestive system. Vigor promoting, checks ageing process, according to Ayurveda it is Rasayan. NOT FOR CHILDREN below 14 years.

2. DR4 Ayurvedic pills

For vigor and vitality in debilitating conditions for men/women both. Specific effect - An aphrodisiac if used in prescribed manner.


Widely used, provides excellent results. Specific for arthritis, joint pain, back pain and neurological disorders.

4. VANOLEIUM Oil for body massage

For external use only. Herbal medicated oil for gentle body massage up to neck only in arthritis, joint/back pain,
Paralytic conditions where oil massage is not contraindicated and in old age for better mobility.

CAUTION: First apply a little amount on a small part of leg to check, if there are no adverse effects and use only then. Generally no adverse effects are reported.

5. BALADI-OLEUM Herbal Medicated oil

For babies, children and adults alike. Apply slow gentle body massage for better health, mental relaxation and healthy skin.

6. ALMONDOLEUM Oil of sweet almonds

For all age groups, indicated for body massage, application on scalp. Can be used as ear drops. Traditionally used for better health. Internal use: 10 drops twice daily with fresh cow's milk 1 cup (if milk is acceptable to the individual system) as a traditional tonic for mind and body control indicated in liver problems. Widely used while practicing yogic exercises internally/externally.

7. TRURANT Cereal Powder

Vegetarian, nutritious and delicious instant food. No additional fat. Easily digestible. 3/4 spoonful to be mixed with a glass of water and salt/sugar as desired. Suggested for diabitics as well. Can be taken any time day/night. Not to be taken with milk and alcoholic drinks, indicated in liver disorders for Ayurveda.

8. NUTRIHERB Powder: Instant food supplement

No additional fat. Vegetarian, nutritious natural food supplement. Mix desired amount in milk with sugar or no sugar and delicious drink or pudding is ready for use.

9. SUDANTE Herbal tooth power

A complete oral hygien preparation used for centuries for healthy teeth, gums and throat. Prevents oral & pharyngeal infection to some extent. With continuous use voice becomes clear & melodious as mentioned in Ayurvedic system. To be used morning and evening with soft brush. According to Ayurveda tooth brushing is contra indicated after meals and at bed time.

Caution: These aged old preparations are meticulously prepared and packed. We are not responsible for any damages to these in transit. No harmful or adverse effects are reported by using these products. However, we are not responsible in any way for any harmful or undesired effects, in case they occur. Neither we are liable nor responsible for any kind of claims for cost, damages or compensations, what so ever.

For the time being this is general information only. All these products will be marketed at the earliest.

Sri Dhara Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Pharma (SDD): A brief history and introduction

With traditional expertise of more than 11 generations the exclusive and specialized formulations are prepared. The production is supervised scientifically by

  1. Dr. Shiva Kumar Shastri Vaidya,
  2. Dr. Ram Kumar Shastri Vaidya
  3. Dr. Nanda Kumar Shastri Vaidya
  4. Dr. Sameer Kumar Shastri Vaidya.

Dr. Shiv Kumar Shastri received extensive training in family tradition by his father Pandit Ram Shankar Vaidya, one of the renowned and legendry most physician of Indian indigenous medical system – Ayurveda. For generations they have been Personal Physician (RAJ VAIDYA) of Maharaja of Banaras, the princely state of Banaras.
An alumna of the Banaras Hindu University in Ayurveda and modern medical sciences, Shiv Kumar Shastri received through GURU – SHISHYA PARAMPARA (Master & Disciple System in India) expertise in various disciplines – Karmakanda, Jyotish, Indian Chemistry, Yoga and Pharma etc. 
The three sons of Shiv Kumar Shastri Dr. Ram Kumar Shastri Vaidya, . Dr Nanda Kumar Shastri Vaidya, and Dr. . Sameer Kumar Shastri Vaidya take self precaution during the production. The unit is producing such items which are useful and effective to control disorders and maintain the health.